Meditation for Walking the Labyrinth

I fully release and let go of those things I cannot change. I let go of my fear of my own challenging world and also that of the outside world.I breathe into my heart, I exhale from my heart. Let me begin my labyrinth walk with untying my own knots of chaos.

I breath into my heart. I exhale from my heart. I begin to feel the heart center opening.

Turmoil and disaster undoes the world beyond my world. When I take a breath into my heart center, I steady my own own energy, my own world.When I breathe into my heart I feed my spirit with the sustainer of life, the breathe.

When I exhale from the heart I am able to direct the gift of heart energy to anyone, anywhere. I know this to be true.I am grateful for this practice as I know I am full of generous potential, and capable of sharing it with others.

I open my heart wide proclaiming myself as a resource for humanity.

I begin walking my labyrinth, centered, unburdened, and connected to all.

We connect as One, when we share our heart’s coherent energy.