Christchurch Flower Essences

Essences of Dimensional Alignment

SP22magnoliastarI had the inspiration to make the Christchurch Flower Essences, after going to a meditation seminar on Opening Your Channel upwards

I had the guidance to take photos of flowers, and then to make flower essences.


SP08cherryblossomSP12daffodilkingalfredSP13daffodilwhiteWhen I returned to Christchurch it was the first of September, the first day of spring, and I was overwhelmed with the lushness and beauty that was here. The Cherry Blossom trees were out on the Avenue, and the Daffodils were blooming in the Woodlands.

SP01anemoneSP03bluebellSP38violetSo I set to, and made the Flower Essences. I was fortunate that several friends gave me unlimited use of their gardens, and I found other flowers by asking around.


This was a large project, in that the flower essences needed to be put up in the morning, and brought down at lunchtimes, whereas the photos were best taken in the late afternoon or evening.

The whole project was done using my intuition, and the guidance I received at each stage took me to the next development of the project. I am grateful to have been used in this was to prepare the Essences, and look forward to helping with their distribution, as their healing properties are spread more widely.

RE01dogtoothedvioletSP33snowflakeSP26pansyjokerFor the Christchurch Flower Essences, the indications came in a number of manners. The Doctrine of Signatures was used, or the symbolism of the flower, and indeed the plant itself and its name. Other indications came in the form of ideas or dreams, or though meditation and channelling.

SP41yellowhooppetticoatSU26poppySP24mapleIn many ways I was just the channel, or the instrument for these essences to be co-created. So I don’t lay down firm instructions about how they are to be used, but rather give suggestions about their use, so that individual practitioners and users can use them in the way they are guided.

There are many coherences with other Flower Essences sets, although in many cases there are also subtle differences between the Christchurch Flower Essence and the Flower Essences from other sources.

SP10crabappleSU28rockroseSP17gentianIn some cases the use of the Christchurch Flower Essences is more refined than in the earlier Flower Essence sets, and I think that this represents mankind’s continued growth of consciousness.


RE04pussywillowRE02foxgloveRE05tigerlilyIn 2011 and 2012, Christchurch was rocked by violent earthquakes, that destroyed large parts of the city, and shocked us to our very core. At The Light House we made thousands of bottles of Relief Essence, and left them outside the gate for people to collect, although that house also needed to be demolished.

So in Christchurch we have physically been part of the break up of the old third dimensional reality.

SP09clematisSP27plumSU20lillyofthevalleybushAnd the Flower Essences have been with us, as we’ve searched to our core, opened up to the higher dimensions, and reached out to our families and neighbours.


So this, I think, is the role of the Christchurch Flower Essences. To help us blossom in the present, and stay in the Light, with all the changes that are happening on the Earth plane at this time.

SU09dogwoodSP23magnoliawhiteSP21magnoliaThey have always pointed towards Christ Consciousness, but they are now helping to show a way forward, as we move into the higher dimensions, both here in Christ Church, and around the world.


The earthquakes represented a great release of energy, as the earth re-aligned itself. Christchurch has become an energy vortex, holding the earth energy that was released at the time. In the same way the earthquakes have released a new frequency for the essences, one that was dormant when they were first made, but which has come to the fore now.

SU10eveningprimroseI have used the bylines “Essences of the Light”, and “Activated by the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand”. But it would be more accurate to view them as “Essences of Dimensional Alignment”.