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Flower essences are liquid, potentised plant preparations which contain a distinct imprint, or etheric pattern of a specific flower. These remarkable remedies expand our understanding of health care, recognizing a relationship between body and soul, and the interweaving of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of wellness.

Flower essences enjoy a reputation of being not only highly effective, but very safe to use. They are not part of standard biochemical medicine for they contain onloy minute traces of physical substance. Rather the belong to a pioneerinf new field of potentised remedies which derive their beneficial powers from the inherent life forces within substances.

By careful attention to celestial and environmental factors which influence the plant at the stage of blossoming, and rhythmical procedures which further enhance the living properties of each plant remedy, the essences of a specific flower is prepared. Because the remedies contain subtleproperties, theor primary field of action goes beyond simply physiological states of being. The remedies are designed to help transform emotions, attitudes or patterns of behaviour which hinder our full development or potential. Flower Essences therapy is based on the insight that the human being is a microcosm od Nature. The archetypes which are found in the human psyche have their healing correlation to plant archetypes which are living in Nature.

Flower essences should not be misconstrued as cure-alls or simply panaceas. They are orecise tools which can be used by qualified therapists as adjuncts in a wide range or health care programs, or by informed and insightful homecare practitioners. The flower essences work most beneficially as part of a wholistic program of health enhancement, including exercise, nourishing diet, stress reduction, inner development and appropriate medical care.

Star Essences

Star Riparetti is the creator of the evolutionary outcome-orientated Star System of essences.

These include The Andean Orchids of Machu Picchu, Higher Chakra Trilogy Andean Essences, Peruvian Flower Essences, Santa Barbara Flower Essences (of Lemuria), Gemstone Essences, Earth Balancing Essences, and the Constellations (combinations of flower essences).

"There are myriad reasons to take essences. They help catalyze profound changes, accelerate any healing process, strengthen coping abilities, enhance and balance mental, physical, and spititual health and well being, raise consciousness, increase intuition, and help you to feel more alive and in touch with your values, creativity, goals and dreams. Gracefully. We are Blessed and Peace Prevails!"

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Himalayan Flower Enhancers

Flower essences made from wild flowers growing in remote Himalayan valleys. Experience the healing power of nature with essences made in the most vibrant and majestic mountains on earth

Flower essences are a gentle form of treatment, unique in their ability to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects simultaneously. They offer complete healing. Flower essences are usually made by a delicate process of attunement, in which sunlight creates a transference of the flower's vibration into water, resulting in a potent healing essence like a kind of liquid energy. Flower medicine has been known to man for many thousands of years for its calming effect on the mind and emotions.

When one is very sensitive and open to nature, it is clear that plants and their flowers each have their own character and qualities. When taken as an essence, these can resonate with, and awaken the same qualities within a person. Nature offers us complete healing, restoring balance and well-being, allowing us to awaken to the truth of our wholeness and interconnectedness with all of life.

They called themselves Flower Enhancers, saying that they are not remedies for something that is wrong in man, rather their work is to enhance what is right, by shining their lights or vibrational frequency into particular parts of the human body, opening them up and dispelling any darkness blocks or stored negativity.

Their action is to stimulate and provoke wholeness, which is our natural state. The nature of the body is to be an open channel for the universal energy and the flowers spark a remembrance in the cells of this wholeness - this flowering.

I asked them if all the flowers contained such powers and they replied "Yes all flowers have their individual properties, but because of man's abuse there are few places left on the earth where the life force is still so strong and vibrant as the Himalayas."

Consequently the Enhancers made from flowers growing at around 3,000 meters in this region, inspire in people an awareness of the sublime beauty and vitality of the planet as well as healing and aligning their own bodies through awareness.

The Himalayas are the youngest mountain range on the planet and my experience of them is they are pulsing with a life force such as I have never experienced anywhere else on the earth in my twenty years of travelling.

They are also traditionally the lands of the Buddhas. Many sages have attained their enlightenment in the Himalayas, and have returned there to leave their bodies. So perhaps it is a two-fold phenomenon - the pristine energy and beauty of these mountains provokes men to their ultimate flowering, and the aura or energy-filed of these sages further heightens the vibrational level of the mountains. It seems natural and fitting for flowers growing in this soil and climate to possess properties that help the sleeping Buddha in man to awaken.

Flowers are simple people and they echo the simplicity of self-enquiry. No great system or philosophy is needed - just quietly turn in and attune with yourself.

Alaskan Flower Essence Project

Steve Johnson's inspiration to prepare essences in Alaska began with an awareness of the vibrational purity of this land. Alaska is one of the very few places left on our planet where the environment is much as it was thousands of years ago.
The plant and elemental kingdoms here are still intact, healthy, and exuberant because much of the state has never been impacted by human activity.
All of the life forms have had to develop special adaptations to insure their chances for survival in an extreme climate characterized by constant movement and change.

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project is the only essence company in the world that has designed a system of vibrational healing based on the co-creative relationship that exists between the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms. This threefold system derives its effectiveness from the special qualities of healing energy that each kingdom has to offer, and from the synergy that is created when these essences are used together.
The gift of the elemental kingdom is energy for change. The environment, through the elements of air, earth, fire, and water, supplies vital nourishment for all living things.

Essences made from the environment provide the potent qualities of energy we need to create and sustain change at the core level of our beings.

Australian Bush Essences

The purpose of the Essence as I see it is that they clear out the things that stop a person getting in touch with their true or higher self....their own intuitive part which knows their life purpose. The Bush Remedies help not only to give clarity as to one’s purpose but also the courage, strength and excitement to follow and pursue your goals and dreams. They help one to develop a higher sense of intuition, self esteem, spirituality, creativity and fun. The Bush Remedies also help one to resolve the dramas and illnesses of life – which merely serve as pointers that you have strayed ‘off your path’. The remedies, as well as dealing with the drama etc can assist in getting you back in the right direction. The more you use the essences the more you get in touch with and experience greated clarity and quality in your life. Then everyone benefits...the individual, society and the planet.
Ian White

Perelandra Garden Essences

You are getting the idea that all is changing. How you perceive your health is also changing. As with everything around you, the key to this change is balance. Your health will be intimately linked with your understanding and response to balance.

. . . They [flower essences] support and help secure balance on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Physically, they balance the body by reconnecting and adjusting the electrical system. Emotionally and mentally, they help you identify, alter and sometimes remove emotional and mental patterns that challenge overall balance. And spiritually, they assist your connection to and understanding of the many levels of self to be able to operate in life from a broader perspective."

Flower essences provide a health system that is aligned to both the surrounding universal dynamics of transition, and the individual's expansion and response to the times by having incorporated within the system itself the key to it all—balance.

Desert Alchemy

As we use a flower essence, we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower, and limitations and disharmonies begin to change. It is not necessary to believe in them to experience their benefic effects. They've been used successfully not only with adults and children, but also with animals and plants.

Flower essences do not overwhelm or force something to happen. They do, however, help us become conscious of things that are already happening with ourselves. As a result, sometimes we may have an awarenesses with which we are uncomfortable.

The essences effect a shift in consciousness, and each person may experience the effects differently. To recognize how they are working, it is necessary to observe our inner state. The more attuned we are to our inner life, the easier it is to recognize the flower essence's effects.

Christchurch Flower Essences

Christchurch Flower Essences have been made in the tradition of Flower Essences that started with Dr Edward Bach, and has since extended to include Flower Essences from all around the world.

The Christchurch Flower Essences have been designed to capture the healing properties of the flowers and gardens of Christchurch, New Zealand, also called "The Garden City", and "The City that Shines". They are not just for use in Christchurch, and when I was producing them I was very much aware of their future use throughout New Zealand, and around the world.

They have been activated by the Earthquakes in 2010 and 2011.

I am grateful for having been used in this way to prepare the Essences, and look forward to helping with their distribution, as their healing properties are spread more widely.

For the Christchurch Flower Essences, the indications came in a number of manners. The Doctrine of Signatures was used, or the symbolism of the flower and indeed the plant itself and its name. Other ideas came in the form of ideas and dreams, or through meditation and channeling.

There are many coherences with other Flower Essence sets, although in many cases there are also subtle differences between the Christchurch Flower Essence and the Flower Essence from other sources.

The Flower Essences are designed to help transform emotions, attitudes and medications or treatment. If you have a health problem please also see your doctor, homeopath, psychologies or health professional.

For the Christchurch Flower Essences the Spring Flowers are used for emotional growth and transformation, and the Summer Flowers are for spiritual growth and transformation. The Blended Flowers are combinations to enhance specific qualities of physical, mental and spiritual development.

Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas

Author: Gurudas - Channeled by Kevin Ryerson and Jon C. Fox

"This book moved me very deeply. I feel that enlightenment as brought out in this book is going to be accepted by those who are interested in the deeper side of healing, where healing really starts and originates from. I feel this work is going to be considered as a magnificent addition in the healing art now and in the future." Bernard Jensen, D.C.

"This is a magnificent book, dealing with all aspects of flower essences. Encyclopedic in scope, it is what serious practitioners have long been waiting and hoping for." - One Earth, Findhorn Community

"Vibrational remedies may well be the wave of the future. Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing very well could be the Bible of vibrational therapy as it contains the basis from which much more emphasis will be given to the understanding and use of flower essences." The Digest of Chiropractic Economics
"If the information presented in the book is utilized appropriately, it has the potential to bring about a major evolutionary step in the application of vibrational medicine in the west, particularly in the healing science of flower essences. The findings of this research may reveal a quite exciting and profound step in achieving total health for us as individuals as well as for the whole planet." Gabriel Cousens, M.D., from the foreword

"I particularly appreciated the depth, range, and quality of information in this book which, while new to many, also confirms the research of others." Peter Caddy

"Within the pages of this exciting book will be found much new material to stimulate the interest and thinking of many open minded people and members in the healing arts including dentists. The author has presented material not often considered in the treatment of people even within the framework of current holistic therapy." Melvin Henningsen, D.D.S.