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Orin's Receiving and Radiating Divine Love Meditation:

Sunday 6 December 6pm

In this guided meditation Orin guides you step by step to receive and radiate divine love as you link with your soul, receive healing from the angels of love, join with the world teachers of love, and open to the one divine Life, the divine Self within you. Through these connections you will have many opportunities as you listen to receive divine love and to radiate pure, unconditional love to your thoughts and feelings about yourself, to your life situations, and to all your relationships to lift and evolve them. You will radiate love to humanity, the animal and plant kingdom, and to the earth itself to assist all life in coming into greater balance and harmony.

Radiating love to humanity can help bring about more unity, peace, and oneness. It can assist all who are open and receptive to divine love in expanding their capacity to love, be inclusive, tolerant, and express goodwill to one another. It can help create more openness to love in people whose hearts are closed.

As you receive, express, and radiate divine love, your experience of people and the world around you becomes more peaceful, loving, and harmonious. Your relationships become more fulfilling and empowering. Your vision of people shows you your unity and oneness with them rather than your differences. You become more magnetic to all that is good and beautiful. Your consciousness of love offers all who come in contact with you an opportunity to experience more love and you become a force of good in the world, helping to transform it.

Orin is aware of all of you who will be participating, and you are included in his transmissions as you listen to this journey. You can listen to this journey and receive divine love as often as you would like, for there is no end to the opening and expansion that divine love brings. You can pause the meditation at any point if you want more time to think about and work with any thoughts or feelings that arise, as we expect you will have many new insights and visions about your life as you listen. In addition, you may find yourself having many more moments than usual of feeling and expressing love afterward.

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