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Orin's Becoming Your Divine Self Course

6pm Wednesday 11 November
Auckland (PM for venue)

7 Realizing the Purity of Your Inner Light
8 Exploring Your Self as Illuminating Light

Lift the veils to reveal the radiance of your inner light and beauty
As you open to your innermost being, some of the boundaries and limitations that have kept you in a more limited world are dissolved. You can lift the veils that have hidden your inner radiance, love, and wisdom. You can experience your life and other people in empowering new ways.

The outer world you experience is a reflection of your inner consciousness. The more you realize your oneness with your true, innermost Self, the more you allow your inner light to be revealed, the more the outer world reflects this shift. It is easier to move forward on your path. You have greater clarity and more certainty about what actions to take. Wonderful opportunities come your way.

A new rhythm establishes itself in your life, one of greater balance and an increasing ability to appreciate and take care of yourself, and to do those things that are good for you. Resistance to that which is for your higher good is lessened. The distractions and temptations to live at a lesser level of light start dissolving. You no longer feel tired and stressed by situations in your life, but instead have the consciousness to view them from a higher level and find winning solutions.

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Please message if you are planning to attend.
There is no charge for this session.