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Christchurch Flower Essences webpage

The Christchurch Flower Essences webpage is now up at

Christchurch Flower Essences are made in Christchurch, New Zealand by Essences of The Light.

They reflect a new wave of energy, and resonate with Christ consciousness, as well as helping us to open up to receive light from our Guides, the Masters and the Great Ones. The plant kingdom is assisting.

Christchurch, New Zealand is a remarkable city with many natural and man-made attributes, and one where there is much care and tending of plants and gardens.

They are not just for use in Christchurch however, and when Dr Rose Isbell was producing them she was very much aware of their future use throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Earthquake Experiences

The Mother Essences have been through the earthquake experiences in Christchurch in 2011-2012, and the recovery since, and they have taken on new dimensions, as they reflect the higher Light that is pouring in to ChristChurch.

Awakening Your Light Body

There are many coherences with other Flower Essence sets, although also subtle differences between the Christchurch Flower Essences, and Flower Essences from other environments.