Relief Essence RE

As used after the Christchurch Earthquakes

Relief Essence is one of the Christchurch Blended Essences, and specifically addresses the issues of injury, illness, betrayal grief and stress.

Dog-Toothed Violet is for injury - to give energy to heal, Foxglove is for illness – to regulate and strengthen, Pig Squeak is for betrayal – to trust your own experience, Pussy Willow is for grief – to comfort and nurture, and Tiger Lily is for stress – to soothe and calm. These remedies are synergistic, and are only dispensed in combination.

Relief Essence has a calming and stabilising effect on the body, mind and emotions during minor and major crises. In the short-term, it will quickly address fear, panic, stress and shock. It can also be taken in the medium term to help consolidate the improvement, and in the long-term to help resolve outstanding issues. Relief Essence can be used for both adults and children, and also for animals.

The flowers in the Relief Essence all have animal names, and are: Dog-Toothed Violet, Foxglove, Pig Squeak, Pussy Willow and Tiger Lily.

The usual dose is 4 drops hourly in the short term, and then 4 drops 4 times a day if it is needed for longer.

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