Trauma Relief Cream

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Trauma Relief Cream can be used on any area of injury, including bruises, sprains and fractures.

Trauma Relief Cream contains a Christchurch Blended Essence, an essential oil, and three homeopathic remedies in low potency (3X).

Dog-Toothed Violet is for injury - to give energy to heal, Foxglove is for illness – to regulate and strengthen, Pig Squeak is for betrayal – to trust your own experience, Pussy Willow is for grief – to comfort and nurture, and Tiger Lily is for stress – to soothe and calm. These remedies are synergistic, and are only dispensed in combination.

Lemon oil has antioxidant, preservative and antiseptic qualities, countering both bacterial and viral skin infections. It can help oily complexions, bruises, and skin impurities and infections.

Arnica, Bellis and Ruta are homeopathic remedies that are widely used for treating injuries.

The contents of the Trauma Relief Cream are: aqueous cream base, Relief Essence, Lemon oil (2.5ml), Arnica Daisy and Rue.

Trauma Relief Cream can be applied 2-3 times a day, or more frequently if required, and can be continued in the medium and long term. It should not be used on broken skin.

If you would like your Cream in a plastic pot, for instance if you are travelling or going to an event, please let us know. Contact Us.