Alaskan Flower Essence Combinations

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project creates highest quality vibrational essences that provide healing for the stresses of today’s lifestyle. Through the use of these essences we can awaken and develop our ability to handle continual change and transformation.

The vibrational purity of the essences arises from the pristine Alaskan environment – the world’s last frontier. The plant and elemental kingdoms here are still intact, health and exuberant because most of Alaska is unaffected by human activity.

The Alaskan Combination Formulas are unique blends of flower, gem, and environmental essences. They possess a special co-creative synergy that is only possible when healing energies from the flower, mineral, and elemental kingdoms are combined through focused intent.

These are:

FEALTRM Trauma Relief Set
FEAL1 Animal Care™
FEAL2 Beyond Words™
FEAL3 Calling All Angels™
FEAL4 Easy Learning™
FEAL5 Fireweed Combo™
FEAL6 Go-Create™
FEAL7 Guardian™
FEAL8 Purification™
FEAL9 Lighten Up™
FEAL10 Pregnancy Support™
FEAL11 Soul Support™
FEAL12 Travel Ease™

The components are listed under each combination.

The usual dose is 4 drops 4 times a day, or as directed.