Calling All Angels™

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project creates highest quality vibrational essences that provide healing for the stresses of today’s lifestyle. Through the use of these essences we can awaken and develop our ability to handle continual change and transformation.

The vibrational purity of the essences arises from the pristine Alaskan environment – the world’s last frontier. The plant and elemental kingdoms here are still intact, health and exuberant because most of Alaska is unaffected by human activity.

Calling All Angels is an invocation formula that helps you contact the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm. It brings a very soft, loving, and serene energy into your heart, physical body and environment. You can use it to strengthen the knowledge that you are guided, supported and protected. Also to bring the essence of Joy and Peace back in your life, to create a sacred and protected space for sleeping and dreaming, and to make a stronger connection to the Divine Feminine.
The components are: Angelica, Chalice Well, Chiming Bells and Kunzite.

The usual dose is 4 drops 4 times a day, or as directed.