Combination Flower Essences FE1-25

Combinations of Flower Essences are available, to help with various aspects and stages of life.

These are:

FE 1 Wellbeing
FE2 Children
FE3 Stress
FE4 Adolescents
FE5 Counsellors
FE6 Sexuality
FE7 Infertility
FE8 Leisure
FE9 Relaxation
FE10 Emotions
FE11 Weight
FE12 Family
FE13 Friendship

FE14 Separation
FE15 Letting Go
FE16 Loneliness
FE17 Relationship
FE18 Finance
FE19 Work
FE20 Success
FE21 Study
FE22 Travel
FE23 Energy
FE24 Body
FE25 Self Esteem

The components are listed with each combination.

FE5 is Counsellors Flower Essences

The usual dose is 4 drops 4 times a day, or as directed.