Counsellors Flower Essences FE5

This is a combination of flower essences, to help counsellors in relating to their clients, and clients in relating to their counsellors, so that the highest and most loving guidance can be brought through and activated.

Essences from Flower Essence Services are: Mountain Pennyroyal (breaking free of addictive habits), Mountain Pride (clearing mind of negatives from others, Pink Yarrow (emotional oversensitivity), and Yarrow (protect against disharmony).

Bach Flower Essences is: Centaury (difficulty saying no, subservient, anxious to please, easily exploited.

Christchurch Flower Essence is: Bleeding Heart (emotional non-attachment).

Starlight Elixir is: Alioth (communication, counselling).

The usual dose is 4 drops 4 times a day, or as directed.