Homeobotanical X

This combination is used as a general cough tonic and expectorant.

The components include: Wild Lettuce, Elderflower, Aniseed Horehound, Mullein, Skunk Cabbage and Wild Cherry.

The basic dose for children is 1-2 drops 3-6 times daily, and for adults 3 drops 3-6 times daily.

For acute coughing HbX can be given hourly, 1 drop per year of age up to 10 drops, for up to 12 hours. Then the dose can be reduced as the cough improves.

We are using the original Homeobotanical classifications at The Light House.

The Homeobotanical remedies are practitioner only remedies, so you need to have seen a Homeobotanical practitioner before ordering repeat bottles.