The Light House LIFE IS GOOD

The Light House is an old villa located in a quiet surburban street in Spreydon, Christchruch.

The Garden Room is situated at the front of the house, off the veranda, and looks onto a beautiful garden.

This is a secret haven for weary travellers and spiritual travellers alike, where you can come and relax, and renew yourself.

The Garden Room functions as a Bed and Breakfast.

It is also a base for personal Retreats.  We can arrange individual healing sessions, and you can balance these with personal rest in the Garden Room.

You can sit in the Temple when it is open.

Treatment modalities offered at The Light House include Homeopathy, Flower Essence therapy, Meditation, including DaBen’s Awakening Your Light Body Course, and Healing, including Reiki.

There is a yoga school down the road (The Sanctuary), and this also provides acupuncture and massage therapy. Visiting therapists can provide reflexology and massage sessions. We support the Christchurch Buddhist Centre. We recommend a counsellor at the Gompa.

To arrange a Personal Retreat, please Contact Us

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