At The Light House Rose is going back to her roots, and practising homeopathy in the more detailed way that she has developed over the years. She has more time available, and can look in more depth at all the aspects of the case.

Homeopathy sees the person as an integrated whole, and is designed to correct the imbalances that occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

The way it is used is radically different from mainstream medicine, and this shows in a different understanding about the nature of health and illness.

Homeopathy is based on a comprehensive set of principles and methods, which are practical and essential guidelines.

They are based on original discoveries, insights, and observations facts about how the body and mind heal themselves, and they give insight into how the remedies can release, augment, and accelerate the process.

The principles behind homeopathy have been tested, verified, and refined over two centuries by millions of homeopaths and their patients, and also by people worldwide, using the remedies for simple home care.

Homeopathic treatment can result in an overall increase in health, well-being, vitality, mental clarity, peace of mind, and personal creativity and freedom.

Homeopathy is complementary, and can be used alongside other mainstream or alternative treatment. Homeopathic remedies work with the body to promote health and normal functioning, and they do not interfere with medical treatment. They can decrease the side effects of conventional medication.

Acute conditions are of recent onset, and occur abruptly over a matter of hours or days. Homeopathy can help with pain, injury, inflammation, fever and other acute situations, reducing the symptoms and promoting tissue repair and preventing long-term consequences.

Chronic diseases have been present a long time, with no real resolution, and have a tendency to get progressively worse. From a homeopathic point of view, chronic also means deep-seated, and arising from an underlying pattern of susceptibility.

Constitutional prescribing attempts to find the remedy that will match all the aspects of the person, their metabolic and psychological makeup, their body type and genetic predispositions, their disease history and their current symptom picture.

Local treatment addresses local problems or conditions. The more aged, devitalised, or weakened the person is, the less the likelihood of deep constitutional change, and gradual and local treatment may be required.

Palliation can be produced in advanced disease, such as cancer and intractable pain. Homeopathy can often alleviate symptoms, and provide physical and mental relief. It can aid the dying, helping people navigate the transition with increased clarity and serenity.

Physical disease can also be treated. Since homeopathy works with biological intelligence, it can reach the deepest, most subtle levels of anatomy and physiology.

Emotional functioning and mental wellbeing are helped, and these are a way of monitoring treatment, even with physical conditions. Old emotional memories may arise, and unresolved issues can come to the surface to be dealt with.

Spiritual growth and personal transformation can occur. The essence of homeopathic treatment is to free the body and mind from fixed patterns, including old belief systems, and limited perceptions and functioning.

First appointment $125

Remote Remedies | Details

People who live outside Christchurch, New Zealand can contact me, and I will look into your case, and send out a homeopathic remedy.

I will need to know your full Name, and Date of Birth, and information about your health concerns.

Doses are usually couriered in a small plastic vial containing two pills. These pills are sucked together as a single dose. If the pills are sticky from being medicated, or they don't dissolve quickly, they can be chewed and then swallowed. Or you can half fill the vial with water, shake it, and then drink the contents.

For follow up Remote Remedies I will need to know how you have been since your previous remedy, how you are at the time, and what your ongoing concerns are.

It is understood that people asking for Remote Remedies are also receiving medical supervision and treatment.



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The Light House does not provide Medical Services

Homeopathic First Aid

Homoeopathic remedies can be used in a first aid situation, to treat minor ailments such as injuries, colds, teething and childhood illnesses.
For people who have done a course or studied books we sell 30c potency remedies.

The most common instruction is to take 4 drops hourly in an acute situation, or 4 drops 3 times a day for 2-5 days.

Homeopathic First Aid ...

For the difference between Homeopathy and Naturopathy

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