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In working with Homeopathy and Flower Essences and Healing, I am always working for the best management for my clients, based on my training and my intuition. I am always searching for the best treatment for the person in front of me, as they present at the time that I’m seeing them.

I am aware that there are different forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and I have trained in many of them. However, in each moment I am drawing forth the best treatment that I can see for my clients.

This being so, I am not likely to endorse treatments and remedies that people come across by reading books, or searching the Internet. True, I may know about them, but I may think that they are part of an unnecessarily complicated system that is unique to the author. Often I find I am led to work on a totally different  level, for the well being of the individual.

I’d like to say also, that just because another practitioner has recommended a particular remedy, or you have read a book on a subject, that isn’t likely to sway my therapeutic decisions, as in making these I always go back to my training and intuition, and am always asking for guidance about the best action or intervention.

I have the impression that some people think that these considerations can be bypassed, or done away with, but in recommending treatment I always draw upon my considerable training and extensive experience. Just because a person is convinced that they need a particular remedy or treatment, it does not mean that, having carefully considered the situation, I will end up recommending it as well. I have to remain true to my own guidance.

For this reason, I find that, with all professionalism, I cannot answer such questions as, for example: ‘Have you ever treated [this infection] before?’, or ‘Have you treated many cases of this disease?’, or ‘Do you know anything about thyroid problems?’ .

Firstly, if I am looking at the person in front of me, I may not end up using the same labelling system, and secondly, the treatment is customised for the person themselves, not the label of the condition that they have. It can be assumed that I have come across most conditions, even the rare ones, and I have treated tens of thousands of people homeopathically.

There is a parallel here, where some practitioners make claims about how many cases of a particular illness they have cured. This is not a competition that I can take part in, partly because I see each person afresh, rather than putting them into boxes from which outcomes can be calculated. I have recently said that I feel I am solidly working for other people’s well being, and would not boast about such things.

Another issue is that I have found that a lot of enquirers seem to have fixed beliefs about aspects of treatment, including matters such as diet, belief, mindset, vaccination, lifestyle, and so on. True, all of these have a bearing, but an intervention I am guided to use may take all of these and be working on a totally different level. While always checking and reviewing my decisions, I need to reserve the freedom to make them according to my own higher guidance.

I have found that some people seem to think that conventional medicine has a conspiracy against Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or that there are different factions within conventional medicine that are at loggerheads. That is not how I see it, and I find myself unable to answer these contentions, as to do so I would need to enter into the same mindset . Also, I am not out to defend conventional doctors against claims that they are trying to mislead their patients.

Wendy Rose Isbell

April 2019

The Beacon - December 2019

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

SP06camelliaredThe New Light House

I am loving my new (old) house, and have everything set up now.
This is the second year since the makeover of the garden, and it is looking wonderful.
It is especially planted to be a fragrant garden, with lilacs and wisterias and rambling roses.
Much more is planned, but you can’t do everything at once.

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The Beacon - March 2019 Updates

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

Here are some updates to last week’s Beacon.

Body Mind Spirit Festival


Please come and visit my stall at the Festival this weekend.

There will be lots of information about my homeopathy clinic at The Light House, and the Online Shop that sells first aid remedies.

If you mention this newsletter, you will receive a free bottle of the Christchurch Relief Essence.

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The Beacon - March 2019

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

After a wonderful holiday in Golden Bay, I’m back full steam ahead at The Light House, and have made lots of upgrades to the services I am offering.

Now that it is 8 years since the earthquakes, I feel I have found my feet again, and I can continue with the services I used to offer at the Bealey Avenue premises, and expand on them.

Expect pictures of the turret at the old house to appear on branding, and the old brass plaques to be polished and hung again.

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The Beacon - November 2018

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

Dear Friends

This newsletter is about my services, and how I can help.

I sometimes find it hard to talk about my current interests, as they span such a broad range, but here is some more information.

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The Beacon - August 2018

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

Dear Friends
Here are some updates about my services.

General Practice
If you would like to see me as a General Practitioner, please ring me, and I can tell you how to enrol in the practice where I’m working.
I enjoy working in General Practice, although I think I still do approach that from a specialist’s viewpoint.
I find it a great joy to see my long-term patients.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0800 WISBELL (0800 947 235)

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