Temple Garden

Garden TempleA Temple Garden has been created in front of the Temple.

It is based on a medieval monastery garden, or a cloistered garden. There is a path in the shape of a Templar Cross, making four quadrants.

One side looks onto a Temple Garden with white shrubs, a mirror and an Ankh, and a small statue of Madonna of the Roses.

The other side leads to a fountain, and an image of Saint Rose of Lima. The other two paths lead to the Temple and the House.

The Temple Garden has arches at the ends of the paths, with climbing roses – Peace, Compassion, Breath of Life and Alchemy, and also weeping roses at the corners.

There are also special roses – Angel’s Kiss, Everlasting Hope (bred in Christchurch, New Zealand to support post natal depression), and Lumens (to support St John’s Ambulance).

Three wisterias are on the section, and five Rambling Roses – the one beside the Temple Garden is called Awakening.

There is a beautiful tree in each quadrant of the Temple Garden – Michelias, weeping apple, quince and crab apple (all with white blossom). Also white lavenders, and winter roses, and Breath of Heaven plants.

Inside the box edges are healing herbs, and a native Manuka plant for the bees. A Cottage Garden will be planted to intersperse with the Temple Garden.  Next door is a kitchen garden with lime, bay, lemon, asparagus, artichokes, berries and currants, and culinary herbs.

A water lily pond also has goldfish and papyrus.

The Temple Garden is designed to help us connect to our mystic and monastic sides, and as a connection to past traditions.

Garden Temple 02

Garden Temple 03

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