The Temple

The Temple is a small room with an ancient Egyptian theme.

The centrepiece is the goddess Isis, and the pictures are on Egyptian papyrus, although there are also Buddhist, Hindu and Christian influences.

It has a Cleopatra couch, and can seat eight people, with more on cushions.

It is most commonly used as a temple for contemplation and meditation, and a space for listening to music and playing crystal bowls.

The energies reflect its ancient Egyptian inspiration, and it is a wonderful space to sit in, and receive guidance.

There is a series of Hildegard of Bingen’s paintings connecting back to the medieval mystical tradition.

This is the room used for meditation sessions and courses, and it serves as the waiting room for the Inner Temple.

Bathroom and toilet facilities are available in the house, through the back door by the wooden gate.

Temple Guidelines

  • The moment we walk into the Temple, we leave behind our lives, our experiences and our issues.
  • While we’re here, we’re here to experience pure Spirit
  • And to connect with each other in Pure Spirit, to help uplift each other.