A number of Talks and Courses are available at The Light House. 

Both the Temple and the Unity Room are fully set up with audiovisual services.

Introductory talks can be offered on a variety of topics, and each of these can develop into a full course as well. Rose is happy to teach both small and large groups.

The course are based on Rose's wide area of study. 

Some topics are

  • Homeopathy, including introduction for clients, first aid treatment at home
  • Flower Essences, including different systems around the world
  • Christchurch Flower Essences, including using Blended Essences and Relief Essences
  • Labyrinths, including Chartres Cathedral, Grace Cathedral, St Luke's
  • Sacred Geometry, including sacred geometry of the garden
  • Christian Mystics, including Hildegard of Bingen and her teachings, art and music
  • Other spiritual traditions, including from Isis, Mary Magdalene, Black Madonnas, Sisterhood of the Rose
  • Meditation, including Orin's Divine Will courses and Interdimensional travelling, andDaBen's Awakening Your Light Body courses

Other Therapists

  • Qi gong and Qi therapy
  • Kirtan and Sound Therapy