Grading of General Symptoms

1 Mentals

The most important symptoms of the case, always provided that they are very definite and well-marked.

2 Generals

General symptoms of the patient as a whole, to bodily environment, provided they are well-marked.
To times and seasons, in heat and cold, to damp and dry, to storm and tempest, to position, jar, touch etc

3 Cravings and Aversions

Must be longings and loathings rather than mere likes and dislikes

4 Menstrual State

Aggravations of symptoms before, during and after the menses.

Grading of Particular Symptoms

1 Peculiar, Unusual, Unexpected or Unaccountable

The more uncommon a symptom is, the more valuable:
The less you can account for a symptom and the more intensely personal it is, the more important.

2 Other Symptoms

But note that symptoms common to a particular disease do not help with choosing a remedy.