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Dr Rose Isbell

Rose Isbell ChCh Flower EssencesRose Isbell trained as a doctor, and did specialist training, working as a geriatrician.

She established a hugely successful medical and homoeopathy practice in the centre of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Since the earthquakes, she has been hosted at other practices, and has continued to offer homeopathy and flower essence treatment alongside general practice.

At The Light House Rose is going back to her roots, and practising homeopathy in the more detailed way that she has developed over the years. She has more time available, and can look in more depth at all the aspects of the case.

Paradoxically, in this situation where she is not also providing medical services, she feels she is more able to treat physical and mental conditions.

The Light House does not provide Medical Services

Rose has always been in contact with the angels and higher realms, although she has only recently realised that this is not a character flaw!

She feels she gained a higher perspective on life through a Near Death Experience as a child.

She channels her Guides and Light Beings, and speaks Light Language to transmit Higher Dimensional Teachings.

She is engaged with the Ascension process, and the shift to fifth dimensional consciousness.


Wendy Rose drum 480Sound plays a big part in her life, with toning and light language, and also playing medicine drums, gongs, bells and crystal bowls.

She channels music and information from the Hathors, and healing energy and sacred processes from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

She had an inspirational father Frank, who has guided the development of The (New) Light House.