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The Beacon - December 2019

SP06camelliaredThe New Light House

I am loving my new (old) house, and have everything set up now.
This is the second year since the makeover of the garden, and it is looking wonderful.
It is especially planted to be a fragrant garden, with lilacs and wisterias and rambling roses.
Much more is planned, but you can’t do everything at once.

TheTemple Dec19The Temple

The Temple is a small room behind the house with an ancient Egyptian theme.
It is used for contemplation and meditation, and a space for listening to music and playing crystal bowls.
This is the room used for meditation sessions and courses, and it serves as the waiting room for the Homeopathy Clinic.

The Inner Temple

The Inner Temple is a healing space, opening from the Temple.
It brings together a number of different healing traditions, and is set up for a range of treatment modalities.
It is the venue for my Homeopathy and Flower Essence service, and for Sound Healing.


This is my main area of focus, and I have been doing this for over 30 years.
It’s been interesting lately, that people have come to see me for another reason and said things like “You treated me for allergies as a child, and that is still fine now. I want to have treatment for something else”.
Or I had this ages ago, and it cleared up with just one dose from you. It’s back now, and I’m really pleased to have found you again.”
(Although I think when people said they got better with just one dose, there may have been more, but you don’t always remember over time.)
I’m keen to let people know I am still practising homeopathy since my shift from The (Old) Light House to The (New) Light House.
It is easy to book in with me by Phone 0800 WISBELL (0800 947 235), and if I am unable to take your call I will ring you back as soon as I am free. I do take EFTPOS and credit cards.
Please check my web page
There is also an online shop for homeopathic remedies, flower essences, homeobotanicals and creams. Do go there to see the richness of remedies that are available.
Or if you have any queries, email me on the Contact page of the web page, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I can sort out a time to see you.

TLH RemoteRemedies A4Remote Remedies

If you live outside Christchurch I can do Skype consultations within New Zealand, and around the world.
There is more information at…/remote-remedy-detail, and my Skype address (at prearranged times) is wendy.rose.isbell. You can pay using online banking or by using PayPal.
Please check my webpage

Shop - Creams

For a limited time, 500 gram tubs of cream are available at a discounted price of $55.
It is a heavily discounted price for buying in bulk.
Skin Harmony Cream
Trauma Relief Cream…/trauma-relief-cream-detail
Please read the information on the website, as this gives correct information about components and indications.
To order email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone 0800 WISBELL (0800 947235)

be06 harmony

Christchurch Flower Essences

24 2 16

At The Light House I am extensively using the Christchurch Flower Essences, because having made them I feel intricately connected with them.
I have been out rephotographing flowers this Spring and Summer, but you can view the original photos on the webpage at
I’m not dispensing Practitioner’s Kits at present, as it is so time intensive, but I am happy to make up dose bottles for my clients, and anyone who wishes to order them.
After disasters, of which we’ve had too many, I usually offer free bottles of Relief Essence to all who are affected.
(As an aside, I was privileged to go to Yo Yo Ma’s concert of the Bach Suites at the Town Hall, and he paid tribute to the resilience of the city, and our determination to rebuild the Town Hall. He gave a free lunchtime concert on the banks of the Avon the day afterwards, with local musicians and local Iwi. As the gulls flew back and forth, and classes of children chattered their way to the Margaret Mahy Playground, I thought that you couldn’t have had that experience anywhere else, and that we live in an amazing community.)

the Old Lighthouse 460The Old Light House

Have you seen the posts about Homeopathy on my Facebook page The Old Light House



I have done an enormous at of study this year, with courses from the Centre of Excellence Online as varied as Shadow Psychology, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Intuitive Nutrition, and Ancient Egyptian Magic.
Look them up – they have hundreds of entry level courses.
If you join their Facebook page you will find Discount Codes to do the courses more cheaply, or you can contact me for a code.
Through The Shift Network, I’ve done Global Summits on Sound Healing, Qi Gong, Shamanism and the Kundalini. Each summit has interviews with around 30 leaders in the field, with an expert host. There is such an amazing range of people doing great things out there. The next summit is on Visionaries, December 3-5th.
The Global Summits are posted live for free for the first 48 hours, which is a bit of concentrated study, but interesting, and you can purchase them with extra bonuses if you wish.
They also have a wide number of courses on spiritual subjects, and each of these has an introductory session and Q&A session free at the start, so you can get an overview without paying in USD.
I have done various courses, including on Christian Mysticism, Awakening Your Rhythm, Healing with Your Well and Unwell Ancestors, and Egyptian Shamanic Alchemy.
The next course coming up is Clearing Your Karma with Ancient Techniques by film maker and teacher Raja Choudhury.
Check out also the course on Transfiguration my Andrew Harvey, a mystic trained in many traditions.
I suggest you look them up and get on their email list. They have real integrity, and their newsletter is engrossing.
If you are interested in ascension, you may be interested in the Rites and Entrainments from I AM Avatar.

TheBeacon DEC19 3

TheBeacon DEC19 4


SP40winterroseI will have a bit of time off in the summer, but can still be contacted by phone.
Look for my stall at the Takaka Market!
I send my best wishes to all my clients and patients, and hope you have a good break.
If you have a health problem please see your doctor or health care provider.

0800 WISBELL/ 0800 947235
027 4 WISBELL/ 027 494 7235