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The Beacon - March 2019

After a wonderful holiday in Golden Bay, I’m back full steam ahead at The Light House, and have made lots of upgrades to the services I am offering.

Now that it is 8 years since the earthquakes, I feel I have found my feet again, and I can continue with the services I used to offer at the Bealey Avenue premises, and expand on them.

Expect pictures of the turret at the old house to appear on branding, and the old brass plaques to be polished and hung again.


My core work is still homeopathy, and I am always adding to the skills I have gained from decades of practice.

I like to think I offer a depth in my homeopathic treatment, sometimes using it in an almost alchemical way.
When you come to the Clinic at The Light House, I ask you about your symptoms, and other details, and also check your past history and family history, and enquire about other symptoms and personal preferences. After sorting out the symptoms (repertorising), I give you a first homeopathic remedy. Usually this is a single dose of a high potency remedy.

I usually prefer to see you about three weekly until you are well, or your symptoms plateau. But sometimes there are other situations (such as palliative care) when it is appropriate to be seen more frequently.

Other times people can remain well for a prolonged period of time, sometimes even after one dose. (I have had a series of clients last year who said that they had been well after treatment, sometimes a long time ago, and when their symptoms returned they decided to track me down again. )

I continue to study the original homeopathic texts, and also have newer books that are more about using homeopathy for specific conditions.

There is more information on the webpage

If you would like to make an appointment please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone me on 0800 WISBELL (0800 947 235).

Flower Essences

My other mainstay of treatment is Flower Essence therapy.

Although I have sets of Flower Essences from many different countries, I find myself increasingly drawn to the Christchurch Flower Essences, which I myself made, some time ago.

Satellite clinics

I am making arrangements for satellite clinics to be held outside Christchurch, and am looking at monthly clinics in different centres.

I have an arrangement to work at the Golden Bay Health Centre (non medical) in Motutipi Street, Takaka, when I can make it up there. The plan is to go up at Easter, and have a stall at the Takaka Market, followed by some clinical sessions. I can post information in the Golden Bay News, and on the Takaka Noticeboard on Facebook

Skype Consultations and Remote Remedies

I also offer Skype consultations for homeopathic treatment. I usually ask the person to fill in the Client Details and Homeopathic History forms from the webpage, and then we have a Skype call about their concerns, when I am able to clarify the information, and ask questions to help choose a homeopathic remedy. .

I quite frequently use the Remote Remedy service, when I see someone outside the hub at The Light House, and they request homeopathic treatment. There is a form that we can fill in, and I can ask for further information, then leave a remedy in the Drop Box under the letter box at The Light House.

I usually courier remedies within New Zealand, and airmail them internationally. Payment is by Mobile EFTPOS, Direct Credit (in New Zealand), or PayPal (overseas).


The Temple is a space for meditation and contemplation, and also serves as the waiting room for the homeopathic clinic.

I have recently put in a print from Nganga, the artist at Collingwood. It is of the Sri Yantra, an ancient Hindu mystical diagram representing the cosmos and the human body. The painting glows under UV light. Come and visit ir at the Open Day.

The Inner Temple is where I see clients for homeopathic treatment, and it is also set up for sound healing. When prints of Nganga’s Flower of Life painting are available I’ll put one in there.

Unity Room

The Unity Room is a separate studio and workshop space that has a separate entry from the driveway. It has a Ganeesha theme. It is named in honour of a donor who supported the project.

There is a new print of Nganga’s painting of Metatron’s cube, and this also lights up under UV light.
Come and visit at the Open Day, and linger a while

Online Shop

On the web page there is an online shop selling Homeopathic Remedies and Flower Essences, for First Aid use at home. It is assumed that you have some understanding about homeopathy and Flower Essence use before choosing and ordering the remedies.

This information is presented as a guideline only, and no therapeutic claims are made. If you are unwell, please see your health provider.

Pamphlets can be downloaded, and include information on Blended Essences, Care Packages, Remedies for Stress and Injury, Creams, Sleep Support, and links to more detailed First Aid Pamphlets.

Homeopathic remedies are listed, although there is a wider range available, and you can contact me directly with your order if you wish. There are a wide range of Flower Essence combinations from all round the world. Also creams which I have developed with Podiatrymed, using low potency homeopathic remedies, Christchurch Flower Essences, and essential oils – the most popular of these are Trauma Relief Cream and Skin Harmony Cream.

There is a Stress and Injury Care Package, which will be offered as one of the prizes at the Body Mind Spirit Festival, or you can choose your own Care Package.

I have had regular orders from within Christchurch, and from the States. But I haven’t promoted the Online Shop much, out of concern that people might think that the Homeopathic Treatment that I do at The Light House is just on the level of First Aid treatment, and not the more considered and informed management that it is.

(I also have an Online Shop for the Christchurch Flower Essences. You can order Relief Essence, Blended Essences and Personal Dose bottles from there as well. But I am not offering Practitioners Kits for sale at present, because they are time consuming to make up.)

Body Mind Spirit Festival

I have a stall at the Body Mind Spirit Festival on 16-17 March, at the Addington Events Centre.

It is a prime site, just as you go through the entrance to approach the registration table. I’ll bring one of my crystal bowls, and a copper topped pyramid for the display.

I will have selected remedies for sale - Arnica, Relief Essence, Sleep Support Flower Essences, and Trauma Relief Cream. EFTPOS will be available. You can also order First Aid remedies for me to send out to you.

There will be heaps of information about the Homeopathy clinic, and a few copies of this Beacon for people to read. You can put your name on the mailing list, leave a message for me to ring you back after the festival, order first aid remedies, and ask for a homeopathic appointment at The Light House.

Please come and talk to me there.

Open Day

Please come to the Open Day at The Light House between 2-4pm at The Light House, 4 Redruth Avenue, Spreydon (off Selwyn Street).

Come and sit in the Temple (also the waiting room) and Inner Temple (the treatment room), and linger a while in the Unity Room (the workshop area accessed Spring, to make way for the Temple Garden, and roses.

Ancient Egypt

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Ancient Egypt – my drum teacher says that you just need to drive past to know that.

Late last year I did a Diploma in Ancient Egyptian Magic through the Centre for Excellence online (with Distinction). And a course in Egyptian Shamanic Alchemy with Nicki Scully through the Shift Network. I am devouring the books by Nicki Scully and Normandi Ellis at present, although the books that speak to me the most are the Thoth books by Danielle Rana Hoffman.

I have two Facebook pages related to Ancient Egypt – if you are interested, please talk to me.

General Practice

I am still working part time in general practice, although this is no longer integrated with my homeopathy clinic.

There are a few vacancies to see me in general practice, and if you would like to enrol and make an appointment please contact me on 0800 WISBELL (0800 947235).

I have recently updated my Registration, and still have Specialist Registration as well, and I am well ahead of schedule with Maintenance of Professional Standards.

Please note that there is no general practice component in my homeopathy clinic at The Light House.