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The Beacon - March 2017

Written by Wendy Rose


I have made some changes to the services at The Light House, so that I can see more people here.

If you wish to come and see me for homeopathic treatment, I suggest you see me at the clinic at The Light House, although I prefer to call it a service rather than a clinic.

I have more time for you here, and for much the same price, as there are less overheads.

I will still ask you to fill in the “New Patient Questionnaire”, so that I can know more about your health and your background. I can arrange full homeopathic treatment here, and sometimes also take time after the session to finish choosing your remedy.

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The Homeobotanical system

Written by Dr Brian Murray c 1990

The Homeobotanical system comprises 26 herbal blends covering a wide range of conditions treated by natural health practitioners. The concentrated blends and then dilutes and potentised homeopathically to enhance their medicinal power. All remedies are mutually compatible and can be mixed in an infinite variety of ways to restore the health of a patient.

Homeobotanical remedies are classical blends of herbal extracts and tinctures which have been prepared to cover all the usual health conditions met with in a natural health clinic.

These formulations are then potentised in the homeopathic manner to release a healing energy which seems quite unique.

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The Beacon - December 2016

Written by Wendy Rose

Dear Friends

This is to let you know, that as I’ve just come back from two holidays, I will be working through the Christmas break this year, with just the Stat Days off.

All the services that I mentioned in the November Beacon are still up and running.

In addition, my new Bed and Breakfast is now operating

You can book through airbnb

Please follow the Facebook page for Open Days at The Light House.

And do look at the Christchurch Flower Essences page, as there is a lot more information up there now, and more YouTube clips.

I have some hazy plans to have a stall at various Markets and Festivals. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information.

I can really recommend the Drum Festival at Little River 25/26 February 2017

Chris BerryThe guest tutor again this year is Chris Berry, a Grammy Award winner from California, who has spent 10 years in Africa, and now teaches African music worldwide, and from his retreat venue in Hawaii.
(I should have also told you about a Kirtan concert by Dave Stringer last Friday, also a Gramy nominee.)

I look forward to seeing you.

Wendy Rose Isbell

The Beacon - November 2016

Written by Wendy Rose

This is to keep you up to date with events at The Light House.

Well, actually, it is still just a time of consolidation, and the services are running as usual.

This is the building at the back of my home, which I use as a base for the (non-medical) Homeopathy and Flower Essence service, the healing sessions and the meditation classes.
I will be having Open Days, where people can come in and sit quietly, or listen to music. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for when they are on, and I expect them to become a regular feature.
There is full information on the webpage.

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Living the Light Body Seminar

Written by Wendy Rose

Some of us in Christchurch will be meditating as part of DaBen's Seminars

The Luminous Body Seminar: Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Within and Without, and
Living the Light Body Seminar: Creating Empowering Relationships

We have recently finished reviewing DaBen's course Awakening Your Light Body, and are going on to review his Radiance: Self-Exciting course

If you would like to learn the Awakening Your Light Body Course, please Contact Us

Here is am email we have received back from the staff for Orin and DaBen, saying that it will be nice to have our energy on the inner planes.

Wendy Rose Isbell
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Response from LuminEssence

Dear Wendy Rose,

Thanks for your email letting us know that you (and Sandra Martin and Mo West) will be tuning in to the upcoming October light body seminars. It will be nice to have your energy on the inner planes.

With love and light,
Edward Alpern
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
LuminEssence Productions

The Beacon - September 2016 #2

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

There is quite a bit happening at The Light House at present, so here is some information about new services, additional products, and how to get some Free Flower Essences.

New Services

I’ve realised that I can offer shorter homeopathic sessions, and this may be more accessible for some people.

So the new structure is:
Homeopathy First Appointment (1/2 hour) $75
Homeopathy Follow –Up Appointment (1/4 hour) $45

Both of these are cheaper than appointments at the Practice.

I have more time for the homeopathy, as I do not have to cover the medical aspects.
There is no charge for a Homeopathic Single Dose remedy at both places.

At The Light House you can also have an individual bottle of Christchurch Flower Essences made for you, with a cost of $30.

Of course, you can still book in for a longer session if you wish.

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