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Orin's Becoming Your Divine Self Course

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

orin meditationMeditations in the Tample 6pm Wednesday 3 February

9 Experiencing Your Self as the Light of Truth

10 Discovering the Love That You Are

Knowing your Self beyond the ego changes your life

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Ignite Your Personal Empowerment

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

Replay of Raquel Spencer's interview with John Burgos on the Beyond the Ordinary show

6pm Sunday 31 January

aquel's ability to articulate the multi-dimensional details of the activations within your personal matrix . . . brings a deeper understanding of your multi-dimensional self!

Please pm if you are planning to attend

Suggested donation $10

Orin's Celebration of Love Meditation:

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

Join with lightworkers from all over the world on the inner planes to call upon the Great Ones and the Enlightened Ones who aid humanity in opening their hearts. Receive their special transmissions of love meant just for you to assist you in opening your heart, then radiate the transmissions of love you receive to everyone you know, then to humanity, animals, plants, minerals, and to the earth itself.

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Orin's Receiving and Radiating Divine Love Meditation:

Written by Wendy Rose Isbell

Sunday 6 December 6pm

In this guided meditation Orin guides you step by step to receive and radiate divine love as you link with your soul, receive healing from the angels of love, join with the world teachers of love, and open to the one divine Life, the divine Self within you. Through these connections you will have many opportunities as you listen to receive divine love and to radiate pure, unconditional love to your thoughts and feelings about yourself, to your life situations, and to all your relationships to lift and evolve them. You will radiate love to humanity, the animal and plant kingdom, and to the earth itself to assist all life in coming into greater balance and harmony.

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